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26 de Feb de 2021


Political ambition with blindfolds

And the clothes that were to be passed to charity have miraculously appeared in Alaska, mixed up with the children’s underwear and now:

And the clothes that were to be passed to charity have miraculously appeared in Alaska, mixed up with the children’s underwear and now:

"If there is an open door in '12 or four years later, and if it is something that is going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I'll plow through that door."

It seems to me that she has put that list in the wrong order: ”An opportunity for me” could have been her opening statement.

Those who want to rebuild the Republican Party, will surely be looking beyond the existing “base”, and try to aspire to something grander than just slinging mud at an inspirational opponent. On the other hand my dictionary definition of base includes such words as morally low. menial and debased. So all of you who look back to Lincoln, it’s time to start again by raising your sights.

Those are my last words on Palin, who hopefully will wake up and realize that the door has closed.

LOCAL ASPIRATIONS. Meanwhile back in Panama things are heating up on the political front with dome heavyweight criticism of the president from the man who wanted to walk in his shoes, meaning mayor Juan Carlos Navarro.

He has been expressing his concerns about the security issue in Panama, something President Martin Torrijos had promised to fix when he was running for office.

Instead, during the last four years things have become worse and the homicide rate keeps climbing. And in case you think that it’s ok for the bad guys to kill each other, they also have security guards and police in their sights, and see tourists as easy targets to supplement their income from narco-trafficking.

Navarro’s criticism’s are valid, but they may also cloak political ambitions. Didn’t get the chance to be president, what about a role as vice-president?

And then there are those who see the call for a crack down on crime, as a way of ushering in a return to militarization, temporarily on hold, as the Minister of Government and Justice, takes leave of absence to await for the passing of a cloud connecting him to the death of a soldier during his past life in the service of Panama’s last dictator, Manuel Noriega.

POPPIES. A mild admonishment to colleague and friend Phil Edmonston, who in his eloquent Rememberance Day call to assist veterans said “we owe our vets more than poppies and pageantry”.

But poppies are the very lifeblood of helping British and Commonwealth servicemen, and their families. They mark not only November 11, but are a means of raising millions of dollars each year, and also providing employment for the disabled.

CON-ARTISTS. If you missed yesterday’s comments on the KKK intrusion into Panama, be sure to read our page 1 story today. Bona fide would be residents struggle through immigration, how do the cons get through? $