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18 de May de 2021


Top 10 suggested June holidays

PANAMA. Speaking for one who enjoys a good holiday as much as the next person, it occurred to me that there are no official Panamanian ...

PANAMA. Speaking for one who enjoys a good holiday as much as the next person, it occurred to me that there are no official Panamanian holidays in the month of June. Why is that?

In exploring this phenomenon I felt it necessary to first define the word “official”. In this particular case, it would refer to any holiday authorized by the Panamanian Government.

Then of course there are the “public” holidays and events which essentially mean the same thing. And not to be omitted are the official or unofficial “observances” that are generally of religious, national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities.

Having researched these various categories and possibilities I was still unable to learn why there were no holidays “official” or “unofficial” celebrated in Panama during the month of June? What’s wrong with June?

So? here’s my Top Ten “unofficial” holiday suggestions presented in the opposite order for maximum drama. Note: It’s mandatory that each of these holidays take place during the Monday-Friday work week.

10. PAJAMA DAY: Relax and unwind by wearing ones’ pajamas throughout the entire day. Its purpose is to relieve the pent-up stress of having to deal with all of the problems and headaches of our normal day-to-day routine.

9. GOOF OFF DAY: That one day when you can do precisely what you want without feeling guilty about commitments, responsibilities and expectations or having the fear that you’ll be fired from your job or divorced by your significant other.

8. PRIORITY DAY: Basically this day is designed to get you off your duff and to do all of those things you’ve been promising yourself and others. In other words, it’s the opposite of “Goof Off Day” when you stop procrastinating and get things done!

7. ON TIME DAY: For all of us who have the very best intentions of getting to where we need to be “on time”, but for some reason it rarely happens. This day starts an hour earlier than any other.

6. SENSES DAY: This is a day of appreciation, discovery and meditation when we take the time to explore each of our five human senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and feel - sensory delights that we usually taken for granted. So on this day we experiment in what it would be like without having them.

5. BAD HAIR DAY: We all have them, but rarely celebrate it. Here’s a day when we purposely set our egos aside and just let it all hang out. It’s not designed as an anti-grooming day, but rather a day to be you. It’s actually more of a freedom day, psychologically speaking and can extend beyond your hair.

4. PICTURE YOURSELF DAY: Spend the day taking pictures of you. You deserve it. Most of the time, we are the ones who are photographing or video recording others – family, friends and associates. How often do we do the same for us? This is an opportunity to literally see yourself in all sorts of situations which can shed new light on how you perceive yourself!

3. WORKAHOLICS DAY: This would be an almost impossible achievement for some people, because it’s a day when nothing would appear to be achieved! However, just the opposite would be accomplished. On this day one would learn that the world didn’t stop, one’s business didn’t collapse or life in general didn’t falter without your guiding hand and direction.

2. ANONYMOUS DAY: If you ever wanted to escape for just one day by taking on a new identity, here’s your chance. On this holiday you can assume a different name [because you dislike the one your parents gave you], change your appearance [because it’s long overdue], and take on a different personality [because you’ve always wanted to be someone else].

Drum Roll!

1. PANIC DAY: This would be a special opportunity for people to run around all day in a panic, telling others that they can’t handle it anymore!

Of course, all of these are purely hypothetical Panamanian holiday suggestions. But? wouldn’t it be interesting if we adopted a few of them?