12 de Ago de 2022


Negotiations PRD and CD involve judging Varela

Further on, electoral reform was raised to extend the electoral jurisdiction of Ricardo Martinelli

Negotiations PRD and CD involve judging Varela
Negotiations PRD and CD.

In the middle of negotiations that take place until early hours of the morning to achieve control of the National Assembly directive, an application from Democratic Change (CD) was raised to control the Credentials Committee.

This request has as its objective to judge the president of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, which would count with the support from the deputies of Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

The proposals from CD were managed by ex president of the Republic himself, Ricardo Martinelli, since his self-exile to Miami.

Additionally, the requests include the separation of the comptroller of the Republic, Federico Humbert, whom they consider to be the manager of the audits that are being presented to judge the deputies of the CD that were processed for the use of public funds in the past electoral process.

The proposal from CD includes putting in the presidency of the Credentials Committee, the deputy Sergio Gálvez.

The CD-PRD pact would also involve the presidency of the Budget Committee in order to block the adoption of the General Budget of the State. The intention would be to avoid for the Varela administration to progress in their programmed projects.

At the same time, CD would stay with the Government Commission to introduce an electoral reform parallel to the one being discussed in the National Commission of Electoral Reform with the purpose of extending the electoral courts that the ex president of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, thoroughly enjoys and allowing his return to the country for a while.

Another topic that was mentioned in the meeting would be the call for an Original Constituent Assembly, which would do a type of “clean slate” for the Executive and the Supreme Court of Justice. This would be a way of putting an end to the Juan Carlos Varela presidency and the judges of the Supreme Court in 2017.

The idea would be to convene new elections to choose a new president of the Republic.

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