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12 de May de 2021


Poulett Morales faces confinement and the abandonment of her luxuries

A family member of the businesswoman said that she has three small children, who ask for her mother every day.

Poulett Morales faces confinement and the abandonment of her luxuries
One of Poulett Morales and her lawyer Victor Almengor’s last appearances.

Since June 3rd, the businesswoman Poulett Morales has spent her days and nights in a transitional cell in the National Police (PN) station in Ancón, when charges were made of embezzlement, fraud and corruption for the case of overcharging in the purchasing of backpacks, through the National Assistance Program (PAN).

The lawyer of the businesswoman Poulett Morales, Victor Almengor, assured La Estrella de Panamá that he has asked for the substitution of the transitional cell because the crime hasn’t been proved.

“The fact of breaking the contract doesn’t carry a criminal penalty. That’s why it’s illegal the detention of Mrs. Poulett,” said the legal defense of the businesswoman.

The lawyer assured that they feel that in this country exists selective justice, by taking steps in a personal level, like the temporary detention.

“Poulett has the problems someone faces who isn’t accustomed to being detained. Also, she isn’t satisfied with the way her case is being handled,” emphasized her legal guardian.

Almengor complained that he hasn’t received the report of the Comptroller of the contract of sales and distribution of school backpacks from the years 2012 and 2014, when he’s been asking for them for a long time.

He stressed that since June 4th he has solicited that the Anticorruption Prosecution expands the investigation of her client and it hasn’t been met.

According to the lawyer, Poulett Morales’ case is in orders of the Circuit Criminal Court 15, where it’s been asked for caution different from the pretrial detention or bail release.

Morales’ family asks for justice

A family member from the businesswoman Poulett Morales, who asked for her identity to remain unknown, assured that Morales is innocent and that the Anticorruption Prosecution is only interested in investigation that accuses others under oath. She also claims Morales was threatened that if she didn’t cooperate she would be detained.

“It’s obvious that the justice in Panama is being selective by seeing how Mrs. Vallarino de Ferrufino was sent home because she has small children,” said the lawyer of the businesswoman.

The source highlighted that Morales has three small children, who ask for her everyday and are worried because it is a difficult situation to explain. They hope for her liberty.

The Second judge for Anticorruption, Vielka Borce, dictated the precautionary measure of detention for the businesswoman Poulett Morales on the past June 3rd.

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