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29 de May de 2020


When politicians love the people

THE PEOPLE REIGN. Four of the prime seekers of the presidential orb in Panama, lay claim to their affinity with the people. Ricardo Mart...

THE PEOPLE REIGN. Four of the prime seekers of the presidential orb in Panama, lay claim to their affinity with the people. Ricardo Martinelli, the multi-millionaire owner of the 99 Supermarket chain famously walks in the shoes of the people. Juan Carlos Navarro points to his efforts as Mayor of Panama, to collect the garbage of the people. Balbina Herrera, sometimes known as “Puss in Boots”, can’t claim to walk in the boots of the people, that would be near to plagiarism, but stresses that she is the heart of the people, and emphasizes her proletarian roots in San Miguelito, although few of her targeted audience could afford the Cartier spectacles that adorn her advertisements. And at the end of the day Juan Carlos”Seco” Varela provides the solace of the people. Cheers!

A LIGHT DIMMED. Few expatriate residents of Panama can lay claim to such a love of the country and its history as the ebullient and gregarious John Carlson. He came to the country when he was seven, and apart from time out to attend a US university, has spent his entire life in the country. He is the figurehead of the Panamanian Historical Society and a prime mover in the Ancon Theater Guild. He is always ready (some quip too ready) to share his encyclopedic knowledge of the country, and he has been of immense assistance to Our Man, in spite of occasional crossing of verbal swords over politics to the north. Sadly, at this time, John’s knowledge and quick wit is locked away in some dark vault, that his friends and acquaintances pray will soon be opened. He recently suffered a bad fall at home and has undergone extensive surgery. Although now in intensive care, and released from an induced coma, he is still unable to communicate verbally, or identify visitors to his Paitilla Hospital room. He is missed by his many friends at the monthly Colonial lunch at Restaurant 1989, by the Historical Society, the Theatre Guild and all who have shared his conversations. We wish him well in his struggle to repower the light.

BLACKSHIRTS. If you are worried about militarization of the police, take a look at a private security company guarding streets near the Contraloria on a Saturday. One jack booted man in black, who looks like a replica of the infamous Nazi era blackshirts, stood last Saturday with arms akimbo, until his shift was over, and then mounted his motorcyle and and crossed into Parque Urraca, and wended his arrogant way along the footpaths. Narry a regular policeman in sight, with or without battle fatigues.