23 de Mar de 2023


Party time all around the city

Then there was the Obama-McCain debate, with McCain in attack mode, on the very day that polls indicated that the poisoned arrows aimed ...

Then there was the Obama-McCain debate, with McCain in attack mode, on the very day that polls indicated that the poisoned arrows aimed at his opponent, were not working, and that his running mate, Sarah Palin, while energizing his base, was turning off many independents with a pasted on smile, and a feisty hockey mom approach to the six-pack crowd. No substitute for policy and solutions to an impending economic disaster.

President Bush, Mr 24 percent, is not smiling, as he wonders why he is the first president in history to have both presidential candidates disavow him.

NOVEMBER 4 VIGIL. To Panamanians November 4 will be the time for a final celebration, after a long weekend of partying to mark the November 3 Independence Day and November 4 Flag Day. For U.S. citizens it’s decision day, when a new president will be elected.

To mark the occasion the Panama America Society has teamed up with the American Chamber of Commerce, Republicans Abroad, Democrats Abroad, and American Citizens Abroad, to organize an election night “vigil”.

Vigil sounds a little somber, (see definition above) but someone has to lose and I guess there will be some who will be feeling a little pain. But they can console themselves with the thought that on November 5 it will all be over and we can all go into rehab to nurse out PTS (post traumatic stress) after nearly two years of electioneering.

November 5, by the way is the day they celebrate the burning of the guy, in England, in memory of Guy Fawkes who was burned at the stake for unparliamentary activities.

Everyone’s invited, and the vigil will be at the City Club, from 7-11 p.m. Dress Code is casual. But no shorts, tank tops, sandals or tongs.

The Club will lay on an Italian Night Buffet of four pastas and salad. The cost: $20 per person for the buffet or $5 if you only want to see the results and quaff your thirst.

Funds collected and not used to pay expenses for the evening will go towards the Scholarship Fund. Tickets must be purchased by Oct 31 from:

American Citizens Abroad - Leila Heron ? leilaheron@hotmail.com.; Republicans Abroad-Sandra Snyder ? tantoes@pobox.com.; Democrats Abroad - Vicki Sizemore ? maxgatoblanco@hotmail.com ; American Society of Panama - American.Society.Panama@gmail.com

AMBASSADORIAL TALENT. Canada’s new Ambassador to Panama Patricia Langan-Torell was one of the guests at the Canadian election night soiree on Tuesday.

While she diplomatically kept her political leanings to herself, she did participate in a competition in which participants tried to forecast the number of seats the Conservative Party would win. (The guests agreed, almost unanimously, that the Conservatives would win enough seats to form a minority governments. The dissenting voice was a Quebecker, who optimistically named the Parti Quebecois.)

The Conservative’s won 143 seats. And the winner of the competition... The Ambassador.

Diplomatically, she shared the prize (a magnum of champagne) with the other contestants.