01 de Dic de 2022


Doors exhibit opens

PANAMA. For the painters whose works on display at the exhibit “Puertas” (doors), which opened yesterday, the door is a symbol, a metap...

PANAMA. For the painters whose works on display at the exhibit “Puertas” (doors), which opened yesterday, the door is a symbol, a metaphor that involves a before and an after, a transition towards a reality that only a paintbrush can explore.

Twenty-two artistic visionaries came together to produce the exhibit at the Arlene Lachman Gallery.

All types of doors, from bedroom doors to front doors, closet doors, all artistically enhanced by participating national and international artists, are on display.

Works by artists such as Paola Schmidtt, Fernando Toledo, Octavio Arosemena, Rolando de Sedas, Miriam Vallarino, Igor Kourany, Christian Torres, Eduardo Navarro, Braulio Matos, Antonio Imbert, among others, can be savored by the public until March 6.

Inspiration for the exhibition came to Arlene Lachman last year, when she was admiring a piece of work by the artist Juan Raul Diaz Fabrega. That piece of art, a door, fascinated her.

Later, Claudin Menriquez, owner of Cubeta, a company that promotes everything cultural, approached the gallery owner, proposing that they organize and exhibition where doors would replace aisles.

One of the pieces of art, to be displayed at the exhibit, is the “Puerta a la Biodiversidad” (Door to Biodiversity), by the young artist Gabriela Batista. Out of the many themes available, this painter prefers ecology and environment, this latest work is no exception.

Measuring 3 ft. wide and 7 ft. High, Batista’s door is a “tribute to Panama’s richness in biodiversity”.

However, for Antonio Arauz Imbert, the task of painting both sides of a door was not as easy to complete, even for an artist with 20 years of experience.

Although, he did find the experience to be fascinating.

“I did enjoy the creative process, getting dirty while working on the piece,” he added.

On the other hand, the neo-pop artist Rolando De Sedas, is presenting a door that represents a double piece of artwork: one-side will read “Acquacasa”, meanwhile the other will say, “Protectora” after its creator.

The technique applied involves a mixture of acrylic with materials such as: ‘estuco’ (a paste of fine grain composed of limestone, marble and natural pigments), some glitter, stone objects, etc.

As always with this painter his door will display an array of vibrant colors, similar to that of a comic book.

Arlene Lachman Gallery is located in Calle 1ra El Carmen, No. 101. Info.: 264-5257.