09 de Ago de 2022


The Guild jazzes it up

PANAMA. For a play titled “Writer’s Block,” ironically, there’s a lot to say about its upcoming production.

PANAMA. For a play titled “Writer’s Block,” ironically, there’s a lot to say about its upcoming production.

The Guild Theatre’s first production of the year, “Writer’s Block” consists of two one-act plays written by Woody Allen to be performed by an incredibly talented cast of local actors and directed by Kimberly Hall and produced by Amit Nathani.

In act one, Riverside Drive, a writer has a strange encounter with a homeless man claiming to be his writing partner who as the story develops, has a keenly perturbing insight into the former’s life. Performing in this act will be: Varoon Anad, Mathhew Addis, and Vicky Colorado.

Act two, Old Saybrook, tells the story of a couple left wondering if they will make it out alive after visiting the house they were married in and meeting the new inhabitants. Actors are Rita Banus, Maria Theoktisto, Jess Choquette, Anthony Loew, Amit Nathani, Kari King, and Ricardo Agurcia.

The cast is made up of Panamanians and many expats from different parts of the world, making rehearsals an “amazing experience” according to director Kimberly Hall. "This is one of the most dedicated casts I have ever worked with? To see everyone come together as a family all for the love of theater has been very inspiring," she said.

But perhaps what is particularly different about this production is how organizers are offering attendees three different art disciplines for the price of one, not only for the benefit of the audience but also for the benefit of artists themselves.

“Panama has many talented artists, musicians, and actors but we have not yet found our voice as a community? The key to a thriving art scene in any city is the support of your peers,” she said.

Many know Woody Allen for his distinctive films, which run the gamut from dramas to screwball sex comedies, but few know Allen was a jazz musician. As a tribute to this side of him, Hall and producer Amit Nathani wanted to bring together some of the best jazz musicians in town with theater and art.

During intermission, a jazz quartet sponsored by the Danilo Perez Foundation (organizers of the Panama Jazz Festival) and David Henesy (owner of restaurants La Posta and Market), will play on the lawn of the theater. Hall considers herself “lucky” for receiving support from both sources.

There will also be an art exhibit by local artist Barbara Dove, who will be displaying her work both outside on the lawn and in the set of one of the plays.

“She created a series of works on jazz musicians so we couldn't be more thrilled to have her as part of this event,” said Hall.

“Writer’s Block” will be on stage March 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 at 8:00 p.m. Surely, with all that Hall, Nathani, the cast and the guest musicians and artists have to offer, it will be an event not to be missed. For reservations, call 212-0060.