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18 de May de 2021


World Briefs

MARDAN, Pakistan – Thousands of terrified Pakistanis dodged Taliban roadblocks to flee fighting Thursday between the army and insurgents...

MARDAN, Pakistan – Thousands of terrified Pakistanis dodged Taliban roadblocks to flee fighting Thursday between the army and insurgents in a northwestern valley, streaming into refugee camps and crowding hospitals with their fatigued and hungry children.

According to the U.N., tens of thousands have fled their homes in recent days from the Swat Valley where a militant-government peace pact collapsed this week. The exodus adds to more than 500,000 already displaced by fighting elsewhere in Pakistan's volatile border region with Afghanistan.

KABUL – An official in western Afghanistan says he collected the names of 147 people who residents say were killed in a disputed incident involving US forces on bombing runs against Taliban militants.

A member of Farah's provincial council, Abdul Basir Khan, helped investigate two sites where fighting took place this week. Khan said he compiled the numbers from family interviews and visiting grave sites, and gave it to a delegation of investigators from Kabul. He said many of the dead were buried in mass graves.

BOGOTA – Colombia's DAS domestic security agency says it has expelled former Kosovo prime minister Agim Ceku based on an Interpol warrant for alleged war crimes.

An agency official tells The Associated Press the warrant was issued by Serbia, from which Kosovo gained independence after an armed rebellion. Ceku was the leader of the rebellion.

MEXICO CITY – Mexico's high schools and universities opened for the first time in two weeks Thursday as the country's top health official insisted the swine flu epidemic is on the decline. All students were checked for swine flu symptoms and some were sent home.

In other steps, dance halls, movie theaters and bars were allowed to fully reopen and fans can attend pro soccer matches starting this weekend after government-mandated shutdowns designed to curb the virus' spread. Businesses must screen for any sick customers and restaurant employees must wear surgical masks.

LONDON – A pregnant British woman facing drugs charges in Laos could serve her sentence in her homeland after the two countries signed an agreement on Thursday, a minister said.

Samantha Orobator, 20, was detained in August after allegedly being caught with 680 grams (of heroin while trying to board a plane to Thailand. Normally anyone found in Laos with over 500 grams of heroin faces the death penalty.