Temas Especiales

18 de May de 2021


Speedsters are happy on the strip

The Cinta Costera (Coastal strip) is open, well almost. While early morning drivers streaked along the new four lane highway towards Pai...

The Cinta Costera (Coastal strip) is open, well almost. While early morning drivers streaked along the new four lane highway towards Paitilla, things came to a stop at the viaduct that was closed. When it is opened, we will have a few weeks to decided whether total ETA in daily trips has been reduced, or whether the vehicles and buses are speeding towards new bottlenecks.

Speed seems to be the operative word. At 60 kilometers an hour I was passed by cars, buses, and trucks.

Fall Guys. The bigger they are the harder they fall, at least in the US. Scam artist Bernard Madoff is heading off to jail for the rest of his life, and the state is busy rounding up his, and his wife’s assets, none of which will help those, including many in Panama who were bilked of all, or part of their life’s savings.

When was the last time a high ranking Panamanian caught with his hands in the public, or private purse, headed to jail?

Stormy weather When the freak windstorm hit the city on Sunday, the joys of living high above the ground became a little muted. Numerous reports came in of newly constructed door and window frames shaking violently, and in some cases broken. Roof tops were torn, and trees tumbled. If the projected climate changing patterns brought on by global warming come true. look out for more of the same, and pray that our concrete superstructures are not gerry built.

Tuning out. There was a time when research showed that cell phones cost lives. Not from electronic or magnetic waves, but from crazy those who use them while driving. In spite of the introduction of laws making it illegal to use them while behind the wheel, the chattering masses appear unfazed. In Panama they are often safe from detection as they hide behind their blacked out windows, while discussing last nigh’s baseball or soccer game, the latest in lingerie or who‘s being unfaithful to who.

But, hard to believe, an even worse potential killer is on the market.. The Blackberry and it’s rivals. This came clearly to mind yesterday, while driving along Via Espana when I narrowly missed a user who blithely stepped into the oncoming traffic while busy texting a message, that truly became a matter of life and death as I and others braked to avoid him.

Recently a train driver and many of his passengers were killed in an accident as he missed a signal while texting, and be sure there will be more repeats on the roads. The New York Times focussed on the ill manners that have developed with the texting mania. People sitting in meetings, with their silent playthings hidden under the table while they silently sent or received messages. In one case, the client of a marketing company, was playing a game on his adult toy, while the executives were making a presentation. The NYT didn’t say if the agency was successful in its pitch.

We have become accustomed to the ill manners of those who whip out their cell phone to make the call.that-can’t wait. as soon as they arrive at a restaurant table. At least they can keep eye contact with their partner while they gossip. But with texting, they are away in a world of their own.