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08 de Aug de 2020


Buns, parties and a good read

PANAMA. Alors!. This was an exciting week, with France celebrating 220 years of Bastille day and a strong gale on Wednesday morning, w...

PANAMA. Alors!

This was an exciting week, with France celebrating 220 years of Bastille day and a strong gale on Wednesday morning, which gave me a good excuse to skip my Cinta Costera daily running that day.


To change the routine of moping on Sunday mornings, I decided it was time I caught up on my running mileage and take my coffee mug to Veracruz beach, where Panama Runners organized a race on Sunday July 12. All those healthy people! Experienced runner Saturnino Camacho won running barefoot!


A beautiful sunset graced the celebrations at Plaza de Francia Tuesday night. You could feel the emotion in the air when Yomira John sang La Marseillaise and the Panama national anthem. Ambassador Pierre Henri Guignard addressed the guests with eloquence and French charm. The fireworks show over Las Bovedas was memorable. Champagne in hand, I sat to enjoy the music from Master Vitin Paz and orchestra and walk around the “see and bee seen” atmosphere. Vive La France! 

After such an animated week, nothing more appropriate than a  a good book, a hot bun and glass of wine.


Panamanian author John W. Evans shares a book of poetry and stories of his experiences as a young man growing up in the now defunct "silver" town site of La Boca, Canal Zone. Songs and Stories of a Digger's Son is a touching tale about the Afro Caribbean men that came to Panama hoping for a better life and a steady job.

Little did they know they were landing into discrimination and segregation and for thousands sickness and death. Still, decades after the canal was completed and the tears dried, the echo of their journey lingers in Panamanian culture.

To order email the author at jweldone@aol.com.


With the men came the women. They brought the bun (or bon as is pronounced in Panama) is a sweet bread made with molasses and dried fruits, a dessert that travelled to the Antilles with the British colonization. Traditionally prepared for Holy week, it is now a delicacy available all year round at bakeries in the Rio Abajo neighborhood. You can get your own batch of hot buns this weekend contacting Carmela and Alonso Gobern at 314-0398 or email at goberncl@cwpanama.net.

With a slice of American cheese topping my warm bun I am more than ready to start the weekend.

The strong spices in the bun call for a strong wine and to keep with the French wave this week, I picked Calvet Reserve bordeaux rouge. Cheers!