La Estrella de Panamá

23 de Oct de 2019

El Papa en Panamá

Pope Francis encourages young people not to be afraid

The Supreme Pontiff participated this Saturday in acts of vigil that were taken place in Panama as part of the World Youth Day

Pope Francis encourages young people not to be afraid

After a haul on the Popemobile, from where the Supreme Pontiff greeted the thousands of pilgrims who participated in the World Youth Day (WYD) and waited from very early on at  John Paul II Field, the acts of vigil scheduled for this Saturday began in the outskirts of Panama City.

When he finished his journey the Pontiff addressed the pilgrims and talked about the decision of the Virgin Mary and the importance of imitating her.

"With a few words (Mary) dared to say “yes” and trust in the love and promises of God, the only force capable of making new all things,” said Pope Francis and insisted that you cannot be afraid of taking decisions.

The head of the Catholic Church also asked the young people to pray for him and for themselves.

He exhorted them to be "influencers" (a word that identifies those who influence others through social networks) of God.

The Pope told that to say “yes to the Lord, is to be encouraged to embrace life as it comes with all its fragility and smallness and in many occasions with all its contradictions.”

There was also a time for recriminations and he asked them if those who are disabled, foreigners,  wrong, sick or in prison are not worthy of love? He answered by saying that Jesus did it and embraced the leper, the blind man and the paralytic.

He proposed that life is not only for the strong and reminded them that it is also can be found in the smaller things.

The Pope insisted in his message that “you can only love what it can be saved and only who can embrace you can be transformed."

Francis is preparing to participate tomorrow in the Send Away Mass, which closes the WYD activities, although the papal agenda in Panama will not finish by then. He is planning a visit to home for people suffering from HIV and a mass for national and foreign volunteers.