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28 de Feb de 2021


Election 08: Faith and Foreboding

Although I predict an Obama victory, with both Virginia and Pennsylvania going Obama to clinch the 270 electoral votes needed for victor...

Although I predict an Obama victory, with both Virginia and Pennsylvania going Obama to clinch the 270 electoral votes needed for victory, I am fearful that one of two things may occur to steal this election away from the American people.

Scenario One: A last-minute ‘discovery’ of Osama Bin Laden or his second-in-command and his subsequent assassination by U. S. or Pakistani forces. After all, we don’t want any CIA/NSA secrets spilled. Think back to the defeat of President Jimmy Carter when he ran for a second term. Republicans engineered a ‘deal’ with the Iranians to hold back the American hostages release until the American election was over and Ronald Reagan was elected. And, today retromingent Republicans dare to brandish their slogan, “America First”. What hypocrisy.

If this doesn’t happen, we can thank early voting which has already put tons of Democratic votes in the “bank”, so last-minute hi-jinks will have less of an impact on the election outcome.

Scenario Two: Barack Obama is assassinated. This is the fear of which many of us dare not speak. Yet, it’s a recurring theme I am hearing from both my right- and left-wing friends. The recent arrest of those two skin-head, knuckle-heads in the States last week who were plotting to kill Obama along with a classroom of black students, I am sure sent shivers down the spines of many.

So, with only about 12 hours to go before we know the outcome of this historic election, there is an electric current in the air. A current that is one part hopeful excitement and the other part foreboding.

I missed the Felipe Motta Wine Store Fair in Marbella last week. Participants say it was a fun evening. Motta always throws well-run, reasonably-priced wine parties with a wide selection of delicious, mostly inexpensive vintages. Two of the best Australian reds are Lindmanns Bin 50 Shiraz and The Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon. Both are in the $8 range and have the taste and high alcohol content that will knock your socks and other apparel off. For hard liquor, you can’t beat Panamanian rum. The best is Ron Abuelo Anejo that costs about $10 for a 1.75 bottle. It’s so tasty that most drinkers take it straight up on the rocks.

Balboa Union Church is a big church with a small congregation. Its Pastor, the Reverend Luis Veagra, is from Bocas del Toro who joined the church several years ago after pastoring in Rio Abajo. Two weeks ago, the Pastor’s home was destroyed by flood, and he and his ailing wife Saray lost almost everything. Presently, the Pastor is living with relatives and, ironically, keeping busy helping many others in need.

But this time, it is the Pastor who is most in need to go back to normal. Please consider giving a good donation to Pastor Veagra, care of the Balboa Union Church at Box 0843-03040, Balboa, Ancon, Republic of Panama (Tel: 314-1004). It would be appreciated.