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06 de Mar de 2021


Jobs a-plenty in Panama

There was a time when English homes, including those in the far flung reaches of the “Empire,” hung a decorated version of Kipling’s “If...

There was a time when English homes, including those in the far flung reaches of the “Empire,” hung a decorated version of Kipling’s “If” on the wall. It had many admonitions that may seem as a dated jingoism that has gone out of fashion (except when you invade another country to bring them “democracy.”). But if you look it up and read it through, there are still a few homilies from the Nobel laureate that ring true and could serve as guidelines to us all.

One such was “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...” How about changing “head” to ”job” and using it for Panama today.

In a world awash with depressing news of job losses and sinking economies, Panama, your own corner of heaven, manages to reduce the number of unemployed, and has increased the number of people in the work force. Even if we do not move into the heady realms of a ten percent increase in GDP (gross domestic product), a modest, three percent could be the envy of many industrialized nations as they struggle to cope with the fall out from the self engineered financial crisis.

Be sure our governing politicians will be quick to point this out in the months leading up to the May 2009 elections. The opposition, on the other hand will be pointing to the fall from the good old days of double digit expansion. Take your pick from the arguments.

MR CLEAN. During the recent PRD primaries, mayor Juan Carlos Navarro was quick to take credit for solving the garbage problem in Panama city. But what has happened now that the campaign is over, and he is no longer a would be presidential candidate? If you drive around the city you will find his campaign advertisements still in place. Some say defiling the view.

Is there a law telling candidates they must remove election bill boards after the campaign. is over? If you want the billboards removed, who should you call?

SHEDDING TEARS. After my listing of the series of publicity problems for the PRD (Democratic Revolutionary Party), I got a couple of calls that brought tears to my eyes. I had omitted mentioning a denunciation of presidential candidate Balbina Herrera, over a cargo of onions.

GOLDEN BOY. Coming soon to an Island near you, Jack Nicklaus the golden boy of the Golfing circuit during the last century. Jack didn’t just retire into the shadows, to polish his trophies. He turned his knowledge and love of the game into a thriving business designing courses.

There are the regular Nicklaus courses and then the “signature” courses, in which the maestro is personally involved every step of the way. Next month he will be visiting Isla Viveros, in the Las Perlas archipelago, some 70 miles from Panam city, to supervise the first stages of construction of a championship course, that will likely become the pearl of the isthmus.

The stakes for the greens are already in place, and those who have visited the island tell me that the view from the 9th every hole is spectacular, with the 9th taking pride of place. It might be hard to keep your eye on the ball when you can see whales passing by and porpoises cavorting near the shore line.