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15 de Jan de 2021


Good news timing for the mayor

Timing is everything, and what a happy coincidence that city mayor Juan Carlos Navarro , has chosen the run up to the presidential elect...

Timing is everything, and what a happy coincidence that city mayor Juan Carlos Navarro , has chosen the run up to the presidential election campaign to produce a 52 page illustrated booklet, trumpeting his achievements as mayor. Presumably the publication was funded by tax payer dollars and comes at a time when the mayor’s chances of becoming vice-president of the Republic are, according to the polls, something of a long shot.

His running mate, would be president, Balbina Herrera , is in something of a free fall, and her alliance with former foe Navarro is blamed by some, as a contributing factor. Add to that the latest swan dance with former president Ernesto Balladares , The Bull, who is out of favor with favored by many PRD stalwarts and you wonder whether the John McCain syndrome is at work. Choosing a running mate who resonates with only a small part of the population.

And Balbina doesn’t need any help in creating an unfavorable image. From the extremists on the right who label her a communist, to the moderates who point to her Noriega connections, she already has enough political baggage. Wearing designer spectacles and hugging citizens of all ages, doesn’t seem to be working.

On the other hand she has eclipsed Navarro in at least one location. A billboard erected for his presidential nomination campaign stood for months, but at last the image has been replaced with a picture of his erstwhile opponent, now leader.

SHARING THE POT OF GOLD. But it’s not only the mayor getting help from the public purse. Everyone belonging to a party and looking to feather his or her nest, is getting aid in the way of campaign funds. There is a $32 million dollar trough, that’s way over $10 per citizen, not per voter. And when you create your own party, you still get to share in the hand out. Are you getting your money’s worth of excitement?

READING MATTER. The new head honcho of the Carnival Committee, Ricardo Guerra says that this year’s event will again be held on Transistmica, as he has received no complaints from Bethania, where last year residents were screaming from the rooftops about traffic congestion, inability to get to their homes and the failure of the organizers led by the un-missed Minghtoy Giro to provide passes as the printer had broke down. So is the chief following in the footsteps of his predecessor, “hear no evil, see no evil etc” or, like Sarah Palin , is he unable to name the papers he reads. Or did someone shred the complaints file?

POLITICAL GHOSTS. The suspense continues and there are many fearful over-the-shoulder glances in the governing hierarchy. Will former dictator Manuel Noriega be returned to Panama or shipped off to France to serve a 10 year prison sentence? If he returns will he talk about his former relationships with those now in power, or will there the proffering of “inducements” to keep a buttoned lip, at least until the elections are over?

A CONUNDRUM. Sociologists and criminologists sometimes explain the behavior of what used to be called “the lower classes” by citing poor upbringing, lack of education, no parental control and a litany of other reasons.

If we translate those thoughts to the driving habits of our fellow citizens we can understand, if not forgive, those who jump lights, change lanes with no signals, use cell phones as they weave in and out of traffic, and all the other habits of those with a deprived upbringing. Education, we are told, will cure all.

So what about the more priveleged behind the wheels of SUVs, Lexus, Mercedes and above, who follow the same anti-social driving habits?

The answer in the current psychological jargon: “a dysfunctional childhood.”