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22 de Jan de 2021


Panama talks for nature, walks for cancer

LUGAR. After a short hiatus, Tuesday Talks is back on the schedule with an environment theme.

LUGAR. After a short hiatus, Tuesday Talks is back on the schedule with an environment theme.

On Wednesday September 2 at 10.00 a.m at Exedra Books, Camila Cortes Ballerino, Msc., and Rosa Maria Guerra, Manager of the Fundacion Parque Nacional Chagres, will give a slide-show on the works of their Foundation.

They will talk about how the programs help support local communities by involving them in the care of their environment through sustainable agricultural production and improved methods of conservation. They will also discuss the many opportunities for volunteers to participate in a wide range of programs.

Laraine Chaplin, organizer of the Tuesday Talk events, says “This really is an awe-inspiring environmental wonder”.

Chagres National Park is a natural and cultural heritage on the doorstep of Panama City. With its tremendous bio-diversity, it is crucial to Panama and to the world. The Chagres River provides the massive water supply that keeps the Panama Canal operating successfully, and sustains the drinking water systems of Panama City and Colon. This water resource alone is vital for the country’s economy - for both present and future generations

The mission of the Chagres National Park Foundation is to ensure the sustainable development of the protected area and its endangered species, taking into account a host of different interests, especially the needs of the local communities.

To manage the 129,000 hectares of the park and the surrounding area, the Foundation develops a range of cooperative programs, initiatives and projects. These include new ways of employing technology to achieve more efficient use and protection of the park’s magnificent natural resources.


This Sunday August 30, Fundacancer invites all to join the 10th Susie Thayer walk for the benefit of the Oncology Institute of Panama.

The walk will depart simultaneously from Panama city, Chitre, Penonome and David.

Fundacancer is a non profit organization that supports care for cancer patients, promotes early detection and donates funds to the only hospital specializing in cance in Panama.

The walk has a donation fee of $5 and it will depart in Panama from Plaza New York (Marbella) at 7:30 p.m.

For more information call the foundation at 262-9087 or 512-7053

Cancer kills more than two thousand people a year in Panama and at least five thousand new cases are treated in health centers throughout the country.

The list of things the institute needs is long and many more hands are needed.

Why not lend a helping hand to those in need? ç

You can volunteer in fund-raising, visiting patient and helping their relatives.

To join their volunteer team call 262-9087 or send an email to info@fundacancerpanama.org

If you don't have time but have the intention, all monetary donations to Fundacancer are tax deductible and used in their entirety to support the Oncology Institute.

Who will you walk for on Sunday?