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21 de Oct de 2020


Birds, destiny of humankind

The Audubon Society of Panama has now available a new book produced by Birdlife and Cemex.

The Audubon Society of Panama has now available a new book produced by Birdlife and Cemex.

“ Birds and People” is a portfolio drawn from the world's greatest bird photographers. The book is split into five chapters looking at all aspects of human's relationship with birds. The first looks at the place birds occupy in our culture - both ancient and modern and the second looks at the influence of birds in art.

Then there is the use of birds for food, feathers and fertilizers; leading onto to the many ways we benefit from birds.

Pest control, pollination and the growth of bird tourism - enabling some of the world's poorest countries to benefit from their rich and diverse avifauna.

The final chapter explores what we can learn from studying bird behavior; their changing habits, such as shifting their ranges closer to the poles provide tangible evidence of climate change.

Birds and People is a celebration of our relationship with birds and the joy that they bring us.

The book, available in English and Spanish, can be purchased at the Audubon offices for $75. For more information call: 232-5977


BirdLife International is a global Partnership of conservation organizations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.

It has recently signed a 10 year collaboration agreement with cement maker CEMEX to better integrate environment protection with their productive process.

By focusing on birds, and the sites and habitats on which they depend, the BirdLife Partnership is working to improve the quality of life for birds, biodiversity, and for people.


The Panama Audubon Society (PAS) has been promoting birds in Panama for over 35 years. During the last ten years they have worked more directly on conservation and education about birds and their habitats, using the Important Bird Area program as an umbrella. Their major areas of interest are the wetlands of the Upper Bay of Panama and the primary forests of El Chorogo, Chiriqui.

The PAS works locally with public schools, and rural communities and have a seat on the board of trustees of the Metropolitan Nature Park. They also work internationally; PAS is the Panama Partner of BirdLife International and Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.

During the year they conduct more than 20 birding field trips and we have monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month. Other activities include four Christmas Bird Counts, Raptors Counts and World Bird Festival.


Birdwalk for beginners on September 6 at the Metropolitan Park. All welcome, $3 residents, $5 visitors.

Migratory shorebirds tour in Panama Viejo/Costa del Este on September 20, $5 Audubon members, $10 non members.

If you love nature and are interested in learning more about Panama's birds while helping in their conservation, it's a good idea to become a member of Panama Audubon. For more info call 232-5977.