18 de Sep de 2021


Visit of Vice President Joseph Biden

Stories from the United States' relationship with the Panama Canal, in celebration of its centenary

Visit of Vice President Joseph Biden
Joe Biden.

In November, 2013, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden visited Panama to observe the progress of the canal expansion. While here, Vice President Biden met with government officials and toured the Miraflores Locks and observed work on the Canal expansion, and mentioned that he was very impressed. He visited Panama in the company of several American leaders, mayors of port cities such as Baltimore and Philadelphia, and a Senator from Georgia. Our Transportation Secretary Foxx also accompanied the delegation. In the speech Vice President Biden gave at the Palacio de las Garzas, he emphasized the great work that Panama was doing, not only for the country and for the United States but, for the world. He also mentioned the importance of modernizing American ports to receive larger ships, and remain competitive internationally.