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25 de Oct de 2020


"Cuba shows interest in participating in Summit": Saint Malo

Panamanian Vicepresident and Chancellor assured that the invitations for the event must still be issued

Panamanian Chancellor and Vicepresident Isabel Saint Malo.

Panamanian Vicepresident and Chancellor, Isabel Saint Malo, shared details about her recent visit to Cuba and pointed out that cuban authorities "showed interest and disposition in participating" in the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Panama next April.

Saint Malo explained that the invitations must still be issued before imagining the reaction of the United States or any other country. "The US have a position and internal problems to solve. We have to wait for the invitations to be issued and we must contemplate the Summit beyond the event in April", so Saint Malo during an interview with local media (Telemetro Reporta).

"We are planning to discuss about prosperity in equity. This topic involves citizens of the whole continent. The US faces the same realities", told Saint Malo about the agenda of the Summit.