It’s not easy chosing a partner

  • 24/10/2008 02:00
  • 24/10/2008 02:00
Before I had recovered from the first blast, my cell rang again, and I got the antidote. Someone was in total agree with the comments. H...

Before I had recovered from the first blast, my cell rang again, and I got the antidote. Someone was in total agree with the comments. He didn’t say, but he sounded like one of the thinking Republicans who wonder why their candidate chose her as a running mate.

Personally I will be happy when all those stories about the hockey mom, disappear from the news, but for the next couple of weeks she will, like Britney Spears, keep popping up, supported by her loyal base, whatever she does.

The latest news of the campaign celebrity is that today she and husband Todd, will be making depositions for a second inquiry into their role in the “fire-the-cop” debate in Alaska. Later there may be a post-election story on local reactions to the news of her using government dollars to ship her kids to New York, and then doctor the claims forms. But by then it will likely be just a local issue, and she will be entombed in an Alaskan winter.

HE’S NO FOOL. Talking of running mates word was on the street that mayoral candidate Roberto (call me Bobby Valasquez) was aiming to recruit Mingthoy Giro as a candidate to become deputy mayor. That’s the lady who runs Parque Omar from whence a bunch of statues worth $1.5 million disappeared. She also runs the Carnival celebrations and was strongly criticized last year for some organizational goofs.

Valasquez whose one time nickname was Bobito, which means little Bobby or fool, has scotched the rumor.

CHOSE YOUR TAKE. Security comes in many forms. Two years ago today, newspaper readers got the news and images of one of Panama’s most tragic disasters, the death by fire of 18 passengers in a bus in the city center. Others were badly burned, but survived. They are still awaiting compensation and claims totaling over $200 million are before the courts. After a short flurry of activity by the Transit Police everything settled down, and today we still have buses racing each other down narrow, crowded streets, maiming and killing.

Does anyone care? More attention is paid to building a military style police force to prevent gangs killing each other. Providing security for road users, pedestrians and innocent passers by, is less glamorous.

TRAWLING FOR GOLD. The 600 members of the Fishing and Yachting Club on Avenida Balboa must be smacking their lips as they watch progress on the building of the Cinta Costera.

Some of the old sheds have been dismantled, and rows of vessels are lying waiting for their new home. The spit of landfill that is being extended nightly by brigades of trucks and workers, is where the new club will rest, complete with a new marina. The coastal road will run through their present location.

The value of the “new” land and the work going into it is put at $150 million, and the plans for the new clubhouse and facilities were to be presented to the Ministry of Works a few weeks back.

The land is a gift from the government, replacing the present abode, originally loaned to the club, to be returned if needed by the state. In the meantime those who live near the new coastal strip will be asked to pay higher taxes to pay for the strip and the fishermen’s home.

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