Temas Especiales

04 de Jun de 2020


Eclectic food in an elegant setting

On my way there, as often happens in Panama, I was already strategically scheming where and how I would park my car. Thankfully when I g...

On my way there, as often happens in Panama, I was already strategically scheming where and how I would park my car. Thankfully when I got there I discovered that Twist actually has a fair amount of parking space, considering it is a small restaurant.

Particularly because of its size, Twist has been able to create a cozy and elegant environment and keep it that way regardless of the flow of clientele. Small candles dimly light the stairs up to the restaurant announcing that regardless of your party size the nature of Twist’s size and ambiance guarantees an intimidate dinner.

Lucky for my friend and I, we got just in time to snatch one of the last unreserved tables. As we headed towards our corner table with a Federico Boyd and Balboa Ave view, we couldn’t help but admire the large, dark purple wooden columns and leathery, cushiony surfaces all around. Almost immediately, we both agreed that Twist would definitely be the ideal place for a date.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, once seated and as I perused the menu, I discovered that Twist is an eclectic restaurant that although it offers a tapas selection, includes a well-sized entrée menu as well. Much of the menu is or is inspired by Thai food, and includes staple dishes like the chicken satay, the Tom Kah Gai Soup, Pad Thai, and sweet and sour fish. The last of which was probably my favorite, a deep-fried fish glazed with a sweet and sour orange sauce.

I Given that it’s a small, upscale restaurant, I wasn’t surprised that the typical, often loud, big crowd of youngsters was missing from Twist’s scene. The distinctive menu also caters more to those willing to experience dishes outside of what is regularly offered in Panamanian restaurants, or to those who, with years of culinary experience, have acquired a taste for dishes with a twist (no pun intended).

If you are into Thai food (which is not well represented among the variety of regional cuisines in Panama), and are looking for an elegant atmosphere to wine and dine with a couple of friends or are simply craving something new, I highly recommend you pay them a visit.

Be sure to make a reservation if possible, however, especially on weekends, as the few tables in Twist are quite coveted.

This small restaurant is going to surprise you, because is very different to what you normally find, with good dishes perfectly made.

However, depending on the day the service can be a bit slow. Recently an acquaintance told me that he had to wait for 430 minutes for appetizers and another 45 for the first course. That was during restaurant week, but all the tables were not full.

Putting all these problems aside and if you want to eat something different in a comfortable setting, then Twist is the place to for an intimate dinner for two or for a special celebration.