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03 de Jul de 2022


Beware of Flaming Fords

Over 559 spontaneous fires have been reported to the U.S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

Over 559 spontaneous fires have been reported to the U.S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

The $20 switch was used from 1992–2003 to shut off the cruise control when the brakes are applied. Known as a “brake pressure switch,” it connects to the brake master cylinder and cruise control. Electrical current passes through the switch continuously, causing it to overheat, and ignite the brake fluid even while the vehicle is parked.

Ford admits that its lawyers have settled “a number” of fire claims (estimated to be in the hundreds) linked to the cruise-control switch out of court. Its own internal documents show that the same switch is used on 16 million cars, SUVs, trucks, minivans, and vans.

Parts for the Speed Control System recall are available for passenger cars and trucks. Affected customers should contact their dealer to schedule a service appointment to have final repairs completed.

The service action involves the installation of a fused wiring harness into the speed control electrical circuit, or the replacement of the deactivation system if it is found to be leaking. This is a quick repair, and will be performed on vehicles built between 1992 and 2004. Ford dealers will provide this free service on the affected vehicles. (To find out whether your car is affected, call 888-222-2751 (toll-free) or enter your VIN (vehicle identification number) at ford.com.)

Ford is voluntarily recalling these vehicles due to a factory screw-up. Its engineers found if brake fluid leaks through the speed control deactivation system into the speed control system electrical components, those components may corrode. This could lead to overheating, and start a fire at the switch. This condition may occur anytime, even if the speed control is not in use or the vehicle is parked.

For affected cars and trucks, Ford will install a fused jumper harness between the speed control deactivation switch and the speed control mechanism. This jumper harness acts as a circuit breaker, eliminating the electrical current at the switch if the switch becomes shorted. For the newly added population of affected cars, at no charge to the owner, dealers will perform an interim repair to disable the Speed Control System until the time when the part necessary to complete the repair becomes available.

That’s right. Ford customers will not be able to use the Speed Control feature until the part is finally replaced. Again, because the electrical circuit to the Speed Control Deactivation Switch is always ‘alive’, not using the Speed Control System will have no effect on the overheating switch.

However, Ford DOES suggests that owners NOT park their affected vehicle in their garage until the entire repair has been completed.

Sleep tight!