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06 de Jun de 2023


Poppies to honor those who died

Poppies are now on sale in the reception area of the British Embassy, from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can make ...

Poppies are now on sale in the reception area of the British Embassy, from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can make out a check to the British Embassy, which will acknowledge its receipt.

Another valuable source of income to the Poppy Appeal is the collection and sale of used foreign postage stamps. Any contribution of used stamps would also be very welcome. All funds go to the Legion’s Benevolent Fund.

A LITTLE BIT PREGNANT. On the same day that some local analysts were predicting that the impact of the world financial crisis would be “very mild”, news arrived that four major banks had opted out of this years auto show, at ATLAPA.

Meanwhile auto sales on the isthmus are following the trend in the U.S. where, in September sales across the board were down 30 percent compared with a year ago.

In the real estate industry there is talk that sales of condos are frozen, and that some builders into the rental business, a very slow return on investment. Others fear a fire sale of properties by overseas investors in need of cash.

The world of shipping is shrinking, along with the world economy, orders for new vessels are dramatically down and China is reducing steel production. How does this impact on the Canal expansion?

If the funds are available in a tough credit market, the Canal Authority will have to take another look at its toll rates, if it is to earn sufficient revenue to keep the project going.

There could be hard times ahead. The silver lining is the likely reduced cost of construction materials and the falling price of oil, so that hopefully, we will finally get some relief at the pumps.

ACTION and PASSIVITY. Daily we hear more news of arrests in China where the tainted milk scandal has caused the deaths of four children and the illness of many more. China has a population of 1.3 billion. In Panama with a population of a little over three million, there were126 known deaths, and possibly more from medicine supplied by the government to people in the lower financial strata of our society. The number of arrests: ONE. No one in the health service resigned when the diethylene glycol scandal first broke. After two years no one in authority has been challenged over responsibility for murderous mistakes made on their watch.

And the 18-burned-to-death-on-a-bus saga, drags on. Victims are still awaiting compensation. Put the files in the bottom draw long enough, and memories will fade. But if you want money to spend on getting re-elected just holler.