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07 de Jun de 2023


A time to rebuild the U.S. image

It is an election that will be watched around the world, as what happens to the U.S.A. affects us all. It will likely have lost its pre-...

It is an election that will be watched around the world, as what happens to the U.S.A. affects us all. It will likely have lost its pre-eminent role as the voice of progress, liberty and democracy. Invading Iraq on manufactured “evidence” of WMDs, water-boarding, false arrests, phone tapping and Guantanamo Bay have smeared the face of America the Beautiful.

But a new voice with a message of hope and conciliation can help reverse some of the negativity that has crept into discussions in every corner of the world.

Meanwhile political junkies will be gathering at the home of former Canadian politician, and Star columnist Phil Edmonston, for the first results around 11 p.m. The networks have to wait until the polls close in California before they can spread the early results.

Phil forecasts an Obama victory. The pundits tell us that if Pennsylvania goes blue, he will be right. So if you want to avoid the wait until 11 p.m. find a friend in Pennsylvania.

PRINCELY THOUGHTS. The last time a Charles sat on the throne of England the people were recovering from their first taste of republicanism, when Cromwell had, among other things, abolished Christmas festivities. Charles II marked the rebirth of Royalty for the British.

If the present Prince Charles ever ascends the throne his subjects will welcome another renaissance man who, throughout his adult life has not been afraid to speak out on matters he believes to be of importance.

He has promoted improvements in inner city life, has condemned some of the concrete monstrosities that have destroyed the London skyline (think Bella Vista and the destruction of neighborhoods) and is a confirmed environmentalist and runs an organic farm.

This week in Japan he said the world financial crisis will pass in time but the real crisis is the environment. If we don’t move now to reduce global warming, there may not be a world, with or without greedy speculators and banks

CASTING PEARLS. Tonight is your last chance to see a quality movie for only $2 at Cinepolis. The European Film Festival ends with three superb films : Zim & Co. (French) at 5.25, Una Familia Feliz (Dutch) at 7.30, and Las Horas del Dia (Spanish) at 9.30.

It would be nice to think that some of those scores of people who jammed the opening wine party might return to actually see a movie. Judging by the paucity of viewers at the performances of the last two weeks, don’t bet on more than a dozen at each show.

MR GOLF COMING OUR WAY. Golfers at the Panama Club de Golf, will get another chance tonight to see a presentation by the Isla Viveros resort about the upcoming Jack Nicklaus “signature” golf course, which will soon be configured on the island. Signature means that the Golden Boy himself will be designing the course and he will be on the Island in December to get things moving. Each hole on the course will provide a spectacular view of the ocean, and with spouting whales or leaping dolphins as a distraction, there’s one more excuse to use at the “19th hole” for slicing into the rough, or missing a three foot put. $