20 de Mar de 2023


Outsider’s view on the U.S. election

In a long editorial (over 1100 words) The Globe brings out the hatchet for many things over the last 8 years. Starting with their summin...

In a long editorial (over 1100 words) The Globe brings out the hatchet for many things over the last 8 years. Starting with their summing of John McCain, this is what they wrote:

“He has campaigned as the safe choice, but has proved to be impetuous, excitable and lacking in judgment. Examples abound: The bellicose assurance made to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili that "today, we are all Georgians." His weird riffing off of the Beach Boys' Barbara Ann, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran." His odd behaviour "suspending" his campaign to deal with the financial crisis in the days preceding the first presidential debate, only to un-suspend it two days later. These actions all militate against the claim that he's a steady hand.

“But most damaging of all was his decision to pick Sarah Palin as a running mate. It can only be viewed as an act of extreme impulsiveness, an effort to put short-term political advantage ahead of the national interest, achieving an effect of surprise and novelty. It was a decision that lacked even basic due diligence. Mr. McCain is not a young man. He has imperfect health. By placing Ms. Palin next in the order of succession, he effectively put all of his own weaknesses in the display window, and virtually disqualified himself from the presidency.

“Instead of engendering confidence that should accompany his long experience, Mr. McCain has provided cause to wonder just how serious-minded he really is. This has only been compounded by an erratic campaign that has veered from quasi-presidential posturing to vicious attacks. Sadly, Mr. McCain has only diminished his standing during this campaign. The character he demonstrated from the Hanoi Hilton to the Senate of the U.S. went missing in action. To his personal narrative, then, as navy pilot, POW, U.S. congressman and senator, and Republican presidential nominee, it is necessary to add another: cowboy. And the people of the United States, indeed the people of the world, are weary of a cowboy in the House.

THE COLD SHOULDER.. Straight from Ottawa, this hot “cold” news. Panama’s Free Trade delegation to the capital city of Canada got the cold shoulder. They ran into a heavy snow fall. And if you think that’s normal in the frozen north, think again. You can sit outside in temperatures in the early 20’s until the end of October.. Later, if you come from balmy Vancouver.

VANISHING RESTAURANTS. Back in steamy Panama it seems to be the time for disappearing restaurants. I recently dropped by, a favorite watering hole on Via Argentina, La Cascada (Cascade), where they once served one of the best bargain jugs of sangria in the city. It also had the world’s largest menu, man sized for those U.S. troops who once filled the place, and a cord to be pulled to put on a little red light to let the wait staff know you were ready to order. Alas no more.

But my disappointment was assuaged when I ventured next door into Bon Profit, a cosy Spanish retreat that also serves well priced, and flavored sangria. More on that later.