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03 de Mar de 2021


Lending a hand to flood victims

The American Society of Panama under the vigilant supervision of president Charly Garcia, has always been quick to act when there is a w...

The American Society of Panama under the vigilant supervision of president Charly Garcia, has always been quick to act when there is a worthy cause in its host country. There regular “thank you to Panama” includes fund raising for school projects, and providing scholarships.

This week a message has gone out to members and their friends asking for donations for those suffering from the recent flood devastation in Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui.

The message reads: “The American Society of Panama appeals to its membership and the American community in Panama to be generous at this moment of need for many in Panama.

“As you are all aware there is a major natural disaster occurring in Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro provinces, and neighboring areas. The rains, landslides, and swelling rivers causing flooding and destroyed many homes, roads, bridges and crops of thousands of residents. “Boquete, Volcan, Paso Ancho, Bambito, Cerro Punta, Isla Colon, and many other areas are among those catastrophically affected. There are some who have died, many that have been injured, and many more that have lost their homes and the little they had and we have been advised that in some cases homes and businesses that were affected were then victims of looting. We need to assist our affected neighbors. Only a chance of fortune has made someone else the victim and you the person able to assist and extend a helping hand

“Some of us are natives of Panama, others are guests in Panama. Panama opened its doors to us or our ancestors' and now it is time for us to open our hearts to our hosts. Please be generous. We need to assist in whatever form we can. Every donation is a generous gesture and will be welcomed by the victims. There are collection points set up in Parque Omar in Panama City for donations. There are other sites being established right now and as we are informed of where they are we will send out that information to you. The rains are expected to last another three days. “Please look in your closets and pantries and be generous

“Things needed are dry goods like canned foods, non perishable, packaged foods, that don’t need refrigeration, canned or dry milk, milk in cartons that does not need refrigeration, bottled water, pampers, baby bottles, diapers, clean used clothes and shoes in good state, children's clothing, mattresses and bed linen, blankets.

“If any member wishes to donate money The Society will use the funds to purchase listed items These donations can be used for tax deductions for Panama taxes

CINDERELLA REVISITED Last Christmas I promised my wife that 2009 would be the year we at tended the British Ball, one of the more memorable events on what those with full calendars sometimes call the rubber chicken circuit. Somehow we were missed of the mailing list, but a note to British ambassador Richard Austen (who is not directly involved in the organizing of the event) quickly produced a copy of the application form.

An early application, to the address on the form was e-mailed, but was returned as non-deliverable. A message to first consul David Andrews, committee produced a fast response, with the news that the application had been forwarded. A shopping expeditions for a suitable ball gown followed and a big hole in the credit card balance, but no news of reservations. Others had already received tickets. Another e-mail to the first consul, who again forwarded the message. No reply. Today a gown and its owner in search of a ball outfit.