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10 de Dic de 2023


New gourmet offerings in town

Regardless of the celebration, a good portion of the joy surrounding any particular holiday includes food. Whether you’re celebrating Ch...

Regardless of the celebration, a good portion of the joy surrounding any particular holiday includes food. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, the end of another year or vacationing through the city, check out these great offers? and let your palate and stomach know they are welcome.

Gourmet offerings in the Old Quarter. Super Gourmet first opened in Bocas del Toro. After enjoying a good turn out for over six years, the high quality groceries and hard to find products store decided to open a branch in the city, choosing Casco Viejo to provide its deli and gourmet products.

It only takes a walk through Casco Viejo streets to realize that the highly acclaimed restaurant scene that has developed in the few last years caters mostly to customers looking for a fancy dinner.

Eager to respond to a demand for similar high-quality food for breakfast and lunch, Super Gourmet’s owner Lorelei Kusin chose the city’s old quarter as the new location for her store. The beautiful colonial architecture and the history enveloping the area didn’t hurt either.

Super Gourmet sells imported cheeses and beers, fine wines, and cigars. Her high quality goods not only make for healthy eating, but are great gift ideas for the holidays. The store also offers a fine deli equipped with a professional chef and staff.

The deli’s menu includes a small breakfast section, 5 different soup options, a variety of sandwiches and salads, and two types of sushi roll. All of its dishes range between $3 - $8, making it easy to grab a savory lunch after a stroll around the historical sights for under $10.

The store also offers catering services, for any event up to 100 people. Given the holidays, seasonal catering is also available? with the chef and staff available to help you design a menu that fits your budget and theme.

Although the grocery store is open Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m, the deli is open only for breakfast and lunch. Super Gourmet is located in Ave. A and Calle 6 in Casco Viejo, behind the Canal Museum. Info.: 212-3487 (Casco Viejo) 757-9357 (Bocas del Toro).

Bring out the chocolate: Speaking of gourmet, Riba Smith now offers exquisite chocolates made in their kitchens, elaborated with high-quality ingredients like dry fruits and soft liquor.

Chocolates offered include: café cognac, caramel, honey caramel and lemon, créme des bois, ganache of strawberry, vanilla, or kiwi, and créme praline. Among my favorite were their distinct creations, which include chocolate with mango, chocolate with maracuya filling, and the chocolate filled with orange and saffron. Chocolate is sold by weight, with one piece of chocolate costing between 30 – 40 cents.

Petit Paris also offers a selection of gourmet chocolate, albeit at a slightly higher price (80 cents a piece). Their new locations at Costa del Este and Marbella are now open, offering the coffee, baked goods, bread, sandwiches and chocolate that gave its original Via Argentina branch its good fame. Special note should be made of the increased space at its Marbella location, which offers indoor seating for 10 and a charming veranda with outdoor seating for 20.

Although the baked goods sold are the same as the old location, the increased kitchen, vitrine and seating space allows the bakery to have more of its goods easily available for customers who can’t help but come back for their favorites.

An assortment of either of these chocolates would make a good gift for any occasion!

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