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10 de Dic de 2023


Seasonal greetings

The American Society of Panama . On behalf of the Board of The American Society of Panama would like to wish all our membership t...

The American Society of Panama

On behalf of the Board of The American Society of Panama would like to wish all our membership the American community, and all our friends of all nationalities in Panama, a very joyful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year full of wonderful surprises. We would also like to thank our Community for their active participation in all our charitable endeavors, our support of the Escuela John F. Kennedy and Escuela Estados Unidos, our ever growing scholarship and mentoring programs, and our positive response to the emergency community situation we recently encountered in the Republic of Panama.

Dr.Charles A. Garcia, President

The Canadian Association of Panama

Feliz Navidad, Merry Xmas, Joyeux Noel. The Board of Directors, our mascot Panu, and members of the Canadian Association of Panama wish all our friends, Panama visitors and residents alike, a very merry Christmas, a properous new year, and a continued "friendship without borders".

Phil Edmondston, President UNITED STATES EMBASSY

In these days of love, meditation, peace and generosity, we join with our families and friends and share our traditions that make this holiday season a very special time. This year has been particularly special for me and my family: we had the honor to come to a generous country that received us with open arms, we joined many Panamanian families who faced difficult days with heavy rains and flooding, we lived the generosity of many Panamanians who came together to help their brothers in need. But in all of these situations we could feel the true spirit of Christmas that is experienced when one helps those in need, giving hope to those who have lost it, peace to those need of it, and understanding to everyone on Earth. This Christmas, while giving thanks for our blessings, and in the approaching year 2009, we join together to offer our best wishes of peace, union and prosperity to all Panamanians. Merry Christmas and a very happy 2009!

Barbara Stephenson, U.S. ambassador to Panama

Italian Embassy

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, I am pleased to present to the whole Panamanian community and to the many Italians living in Panama my dearest and most affectionate wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009, even on behalf of the entire Italian Embassy. I am sure that the bilateral relations between our two Countries will keep on strengthening, following the spirit of that traditional and fruitful interaction that bonds Panama to Italy. The year 2008 ends up with the celebration for the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights; 2009 will open with the beginning of the construction of the third system of Locks, an outstanding work for the ACP, which will open new and interesting opportunities for a further political, social and economical growth of the Country. With those feelings, I renew to everybody my warmest wishes for a peaceful and merry Christmas.

Placido Vigo, italian Ambassador to Panama.

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