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20 de Oct de 2020


More than a home

PANAMA. We’re all familiar with the old adage of “Home is where the heart is. ” However, is this really true; and if so, why?

PANAMA. We’re all familiar with the old adage of “Home is where the heart is. ” However, is this really true; and if so, why?

I mean? do we really have this strong connection with home? And is it so powerful that we actually hang our hearts there? Well, for many of us, we can travel the world to hundreds of exciting destinations, dine at the finest restaurants and stay at the most exclusive hotels, but for some reason we can’t wait to get home!

So what is it about home? Can we truthfully say that it’s more exciting then exotic locales, that the food is more superb then celebrity chef establishments or the accommodations more upscale then super attentive five-star hotels? For most of us, the answer would be a resounding, “I doubt it!”

Then, what is it about our happy abodes that make us yearn so much for them? Psychologists say it’s because we’re generally creatures of habit – that the state of a person’s home has been known to influence behavior, emotions and overall mental health.

Hmm, that’s interesting. But my personal belief is far simpler. I think it all boils down to, “Home is where you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be”. In other words, it’s where we feel the most comfortable.

That’s how I think about Panama. To me, it has all of the inherent attributes of what makes a place a home? but more. It certainly has a psychological effect that influences behavior, emotions and mental health, but it also has another stimulating level that makes it even more treasured? its expansive natural beauty, unique urban characteristics and amazing geographic diversity.

Take for example the feeling one gets from early morning walks just as the sun begins to rise, friends introducing new friends, remarkable food in quaint family restaurants, history that lingers in the air and the clear vision of progress found at almost every turn. And then there’s the sound of its future, the diversity of its cultures, the cherished traditions of its people and the unmistakable strength, pride and hope that is everywhere.

Oh yes, Panama is definitely more than a home. It is a unique place that offers a fresh, honest and truthful look into itself without asking for anything in return except respect.

So? do yourself a favor. Take a stroll down a neighborhood street, busy pedestrian sidewalk, marketplace or shopping mall and listen to the voices of its people; those infectious varied audio tones that exude an innate warmth and honesty like a wonderful magical audio elixir that somehow makes everything right? that makes Panama more than a home.

Rob Kircher (Rob@robkircher.com) is an international marketing and advertising specialist, writer and filmmaker.