14 de Dec de 2019


Pope Francis said to the young people that they are the present not the future

The Supreme Pontiff took part in the last official act at the John Paul II Field and told the young people not to let the flame that they had lived during the last few days go cold.

Pope Francis said to the young people that they are the present not the future

Pope Francis, before a crowd of young people from five continents, assured them during the World Youth Day (WYD) 2019 Send Away Mass, that took place at the John Paul II Field, Metro Park, “You are the person of the present. not the future.”

The youngsters present at the mass held an all night vigil to wait for the mass celebrated by Pope Francis and that was scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m.

At the end of the religious ceremony, he announced that the next WYD will be in Portugal on 2022.

Once the Send Away Mass concluded, the Supreme Pontiff invited the 700,000 gathered at the John Paul II Field to continue to walk, living within the faith and sharing with the neighbour, because they are the now of God.

“You are not a project in progress, you are not the future, you are the now and for that reason you must live it.”

While the Bishop of Panama, Jose Domingo Ulloa said that the celebration of the WYD, has allowed “to demonstrate at this moment, that no project can go forward without the participation of the young people."

The Panamanian bishop thanked the Pope for being given the opportunity for a small country and a little poor church to celebrate a world class event like the WYD.

"Thanks to the Pope for allowing us to celebrate an event like this with a Marian and Latin American taste,” said the monsignor.

Pope Francis, the pilgrim leader of the Panama WYD 2019, thanked Panama and the young people of the world to say yes to the summons that had gathered them in the last six days.

When the Missioning Mass ended at the John Paul II Field, the High Priest also thanked the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varelas, the heads of state of other nations, political and civil authorities as well as the bishop of Panama, Jose Domingo Ulloa.

I thank Monsignor Ulloa, Archbishop of Panama, for his availability and good work in hosting this event in his diocese, as well as the other bishops of this nation and neighboring countries, for all they have done in their communities to give shelter and help to so many young people. Thanks to all those people who have supported us with their prayers, and who have collaborated with their effort and work to make this WYD a dream come true in this country," he added.

“And to you, dear youngsters, a big thank you. Your faith and joy had made Panama vibrate, America and the entire world,” said the high priest.

“As we listened so many times during these days the WYD Hymn: We are pilgrims who come here today from continents and cities. I ask you not to let cool down what you have lived during these days. Go back to your parishes and communities, to your families and your friends, and pass on this experience,” said Pope Francis, before saying goodbye.

Translation Marijulia Pujol