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30 de May de 2023


Why I gave my vote to Obama

McCain’s followers are earnest, God-loving Americans who deserve substance over symbol. Yet, the McCain organizers’ dominant strategy wa...

McCain’s followers are earnest, God-loving Americans who deserve substance over symbol. Yet, the McCain organizers’ dominant strategy was to make the campaign one giant radio talk show rant, nourished by photo ops and hyperbole. The ‘soup de jour’ was to throw as much dirt against the wall, see what sticks, and repeat it ad infinitum.

? Obama is not without blame. Initially, he lacked specifics when presenting future policies. And, like the McCain clan, Obama failed to specify what government programs would be cut and which would be kept, following withering tax revenues from an imploding world economy

But, McCain’s “Zombie Shuffle” and General Colin Powell’s stirring endorsement of Obama’s vision and competence tipped the scales in Obama’s favor for many people. This means it’s likely we’ll see the Democratic presidential candidate win this election with about 296 Electoral College votes. Early risers can go right to bed if Virginia goes Obama, as the polls now predict

? What will an Obama victory and Democratic-controlled House and Senate mean to Panama? Probably a delayed Panama Free Trade Agreement. Emboldened isolationist Democrats and unions will strike out at outsourcing and attempt to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Cooler minds, however, will later prevail within the Obama term, as Canada leads the way with its own Panama Free Trade Agreement hearings. This will give Obama the political cover he’ll need to pass the Panama agreement and also hold out a carrot to Colombia.

? Canadians are proud that their country has been a leading proponent of Free Trade for decades (it was one of my first votes in the House of Commons during the 90s) and no doubt the Canadian Embassy will ensure that future hearings both in Panama and in Ottawa are inclusive and comprehensive. This means soliciting testimony from labor groups, like FRENADESO, agricultural workers, and opposition parties. Additionally, the Canadian Association of Panama intends to participate fully in the hearings as a proponent of ‘fair’ trade that respects workers and the environment. Readers wishing to make their views known are urged to write the Canadian Embassy or Canapan.org

?KUDO s to the Panama government. Its consumer agency, , has just imposed over $150,000 in fines to 30 gas stations for price-fixing after the stations lied that they had no cheap fuel in their tanks. DARTS to Fenosa for high electricity rates. Take a close look at your monthly electricity bill. Why are we still being charged extra for high fuel costs when the price of oil has gone down over 50 percent? C’mon ACODECO, if gas stations can be investigated so can Fenosa, which is always using the excuse fuel prices to put tariff up.