24 de Mar de 2023


Poppies bloom on BBC TV anchors

Poppies sprouted in the shell pocked hell of Flanders on the Western Front and, after the war, became a way of raising money for the wou...

Poppies sprouted in the shell pocked hell of Flanders on the Western Front and, after the war, became a way of raising money for the wounded, and their families. Today the fund continues, raising millions in Britain and former dominionsPoppies are now on sale at the British Embassy.

In Panama as every year, the day which marked the end of WW I, and is known to the U.S. as Veteran’s Day, commemorative wreaths to the allied soldiers of all wars, will be at the Corazal cemetery at 11 a.m. (11/11/11)Canada’s new Ambassador to Panama, Patricia Langan-Torrell. will join the U.S. Ambassador, Barbara Stephenson and veterans of many campaigns at the wreath laying ceremony, and a wreath commemorating Canadian sacrifices will be laid by American/Canadian citizen, and U.S. vet, Phil Edmonston, a former Canadian MP. Veterans of all nations are invited to attend

JUST DOING HIS JOB. Panama is full of unsung heroes, those who labor with the poor, the sick, recovering drug addicts, the list is endless. But the American Chamber of Commerce could look no further than the National Assembly when handing out an award for a contribution to improving trade and foreign relations. The award went to First Vice-president Lewis Navarro, who ,like all of his fellow legislators, is well rewarded for his efforts, with salary and perks. That after all is his job. If he doesn’t do it, he should be fired.

But perhaps the Chamber has its eyes on Wall Street where golden parachutes are issued to those who run their companies into the ground.

The Chamber should take off the rose-tinted glasses and look further afield

HEARTS IN FASHION. Presidential candidate Balbina Herrera, wants to be the heart of the people, as she gazes through her Cartier glasses. Hearts have also been painted on the road at the site of the horrific bus disaster, two years ago, where 18 people died in a fiery inferno, and others were scarred for life, physically and emotionally. Soon, the hearts will be obliterated by the passing traffic, just like the memory of those who suffered seems to be obliterated from the bureaucracy. After two years, no compensation, and only two people held to task for the results of the abomination we call a transport system. Forget the road painting. Show real heart and loosen the purse strings.

ENVIRONMENTALIST ASTRAY. The latest buzz on U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is that the woman who, according to Senator John McCain, lives frugally, has title to 27 motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles. Not bad for a “working mom” who shares in a joint family income of $250,000, and a great contribution to Alaska’s oil wealth, and Global Warming

Maybe this, along with her clothing spending spree, her fudging of expense exports, after she took her uninvited children on a New York trip, is beginning to resonate with the folks back home in Alaska. The state’s biggest daily newspaper, has endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president. Perhaps when the furor settles down, people will have time to rethink why they voted her into office as Governor of that state.