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26 de Feb de 2021


When one ranter helps another

Writing a daily column can be fun, especially when there are lots of enticing targets out there. It’s not only SNL and cartoonists that ...

Writing a daily column can be fun, especially when there are lots of enticing targets out there. It’s not only SNL and cartoonists that benefit from the antics of people like Sarah Palin. But there are bad news days and the writer gets that sinking feeling that this is going to be the big day when faithful readers get to gaze at a large blank space, and wonder whether he or she has been “disappeared“ ( as in military regimes) or has just disappeared (as in moonlight flit.)

But then some fellow ranter (they call them “bloggers” these days) like Sam Taliaferro comes along, and there is more than enough grist for the daily mill.

Sam’s site is always entertaining. You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but he is not afraid to pierce the thick skins of politicians, shakers and movers. He has often raised the ire of people in the tourism hierarchy, who really don’t like spotlights.

It’s ironic that a recent report listing groups that do not respond to requests for information, as mandated by law, had the tourism authority high on it list.

All of which preamble leads to Sam’s latest website offering. (sam@primapanama.com) It’s not a mea culpa. but here are some of his thoughts:

“Many people who read my blog may come to the conclusion that I don't like Panama. I write many posts that point out mistakes or missteps that the casual reader might take as just a foreigner with an ax to grind or a superiority complex. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I love Panama and her people so much that I pick on her constantly, like a younger brother picks on his big sister. I have been fortunate throughout my life to be able to live anywhere I want to and yet I chose Panama over all the other countries in the world.

“My rants against the policies of the government and the folly of the governed is because I believe Panama could be a much better place than it is today and I am increasingly concerned that it is drifting more and more the way of my home country, the U.S.A... Highly in debt, corrupt and well on its way to socialism. Don't get me wrong, I love America. The America of my grandfather and all 8 generations of my family who I can trace back to Virginia of the late 1600's.

I post the negatives because I believe that Panama is such a small country that she could be easily managed and should be the envy of the entire world?...

“And although many here might make the argument that her sovereignty was taken from her during the many years the U.S. owned the canal, most, who truly understand the benefit would gladly trade that loss of temporary sovereignty for the gold mine it is today.

“ She did not have to go into debt to build it, it was "transferred" along with billions of dollars in fully developed real estate with few strings attached. She did not have to pay for the training of her people to manage and operate the resource, they were paid to learn.”

“I guess because I have been here for ten years and have seen the significant changes take place that negatively affect the business environment, I forget about the day to day life and just how good it really is. For the many people I have enticed to come and live here, they tell me life could not be much better and when I stop and smell the roses, I quickly come to the same conclusion. I have the people of Panama to thank for this and my family who have suffered through my long hours of work and my sharing of the woes of the world.”

Too bad that his blog brought out the nay sayers who see Barack Obama as a “socialist”. Good grief.