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17 de Jan de 2021


A world ready to be united

Tomorrow will go down in history as “world inauguration” day, because love him or hate him (yes there are haters) the world will be watc...

Tomorrow will go down in history as “world inauguration” day, because love him or hate him (yes there are haters) the world will be watching a truly historic event. Not just the first black person leading the most powerful country on the planet, but a man that government heads and their followers around the world have put faith in to heal the wounds inflicted by the most unpopular president in American history. and to lead us out of the worst economic disaster since the Gread Depression, widely known as the Dirty Thirties.

When Winston Churchill made his historic “we will fight on the beaches” speech in Britain in 1940, after the German blitzkreig had swept into the sea the remains of the army representing the biggest empire the world had ever known, there were few outsiders who believed that the demoralized nation could survive. Among the doubters was Joe Kennedy, ambassador to Britain, and father of the future President Kennedy.

But Churchill carried a message of hope, and determination that lifted the island nation through the darkest days in its history, and a few months later another of his famous speeches was able to thank the young RAF pilots for winning the Battle of Britain with his “never in the history of human conflict has so much been done for so many by so few” speech.

It is that spirit of hope, determination and renewal that the world is waiting to hear tomorrow from President Barack Obama like Britain in the 40’s it seems that there is little solid hope to hold out to a nation, and a world where millions are losing their job, homes and dreams. But nations can be inspired to renew and rebuild by the right words, and the belief that united with the determination to overcome, things will change for the better. I still have an original recording of Joan Baez singing the theme song of the black marchers in the early sixties. “We shall overcome”. Tomorrow those words will become more than a dream.


Which brings me back to earth, to Panama and it’s presidential and assembly campaigns.

Hands up all of those who have heard an inspirational speech from any of the presidential candidates. Have you read of a “New Deal to tackle the country’s woes? As for those who want to return to the pork barrels of the National Assembly. even trying to find out what they are standing for, and how they plan to make life better for those whose vote they seek is a self defeating exercise. No door to door campaigning, (maybe too much to ask in these perilous times) no policy statements or brochures. As an act of faith just read the “your friend” sings cluttering the streets. Just try getting to talk with that friend. when he or she is back in office.

As an acquaintance said over dinner recently: “Where are our true leaders? Is there no one that has a message that can inspire and unite us, or do we just deserve the scraps that they offer us in the political feeding bowl?

It’s hard to believe that there seems to be no one (except in the mayoralty race) ready to challenge the disorganized party political establishment, with a message that will deal with education and health needs in a realistic way. and offer the moral leadership to lead us out of a morass of corruption. It can be done. Just watch Obama tomorrow.

COVERING HISTORY. Because the election of Barack Obama is so important to us all, tomorrow’s edition will be largely devoted to the inauguration events in Washington today.

We will return to our regular coverage of Panamanian comings and goings, good and bad, on Thursday.