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16 de Jan de 2021


Crime reports on the rise

PANAMA. It seems we are living in a never-ending crime spree with so many incidents taking place daily d in Panama.

PANAMA. It seems we are living in a never-ending crime spree with so many incidents taking place daily d in Panama.

Here are some of the recent reports from the police.

The Avenue 12 de Octubre served as a stage for a shoot out between policemen and a delinquent. One person was injured.

It started with a police raid in Rio Abajo and ended in the 12 de Octubre Avenue, in Hato Pintado, when policemen intercepted a black Honda Civic that had been reported stolen in Arraijan.

At that point, in broad daylight, a the two sides went into a shoot out.

Among the detained are a 17 year old, and two 18 year olds, Anthony Abdiel Armuelles and Rodriguez Dominguez.

Dominguez, who was carrying a 38 caliber revolver with six bullets, was wounded with a bullet as he resisted arrest. He was taken to the San Miguelito Arcangel Hospital.

In the Nueva Esperanza area in 24 de Diciembre, neighborhood people saw h a Toyota Tercel bursted out of a soccer field, cross a grass strip before and crashing into the back of a house.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the body of a man with serious bullet injuries to his head.

In Cativa, near Camino Real, several people, including a former policeman, tried to rob a house.

When they confused locations, however, they drew the attention of policemen surveying the area.

To leave the policemen’s sight, they left their cars and boarded a Panama-Colon bus, but were later detained in a police checkpoint in Buena Vista.

In Colon, recently dubbed as the area with the highest crime rate in the country, delinquency is an ongoing theme. Earlier this week armed men broke into the New Haway Perfum storage in the Free Zone, dedicated to the distribution of perfumes and fragrances.

The delinquents gagged employees with tape and stole a great number of perfumes.

The employees eventually freed themselves and called the authorities.

The delinquents took the took a truck filled with perfumes with them, and attempted to leave the free zone through one of the entrances of Frand Field by placing a sign with the name of a company.

Their efforts weren’t enough to help them leave the zone unnoticed, and policemen and Colon’s free zone security officers stopped the truck at the check point. They were able to capture one of the delinquents involved.