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29 de Nov de 2023


“Royals” behind the dark glass

Yesterday morning while stuck in the daily traffic jam where Avenida Balboa adjoins Paitilla, I was able to enjoy the “privilege” of wat...

Yesterday morning while stuck in the daily traffic jam where Avenida Balboa adjoins Paitilla, I was able to enjoy the “privilege” of watching a group of our existing leaders drive by, after the waiting drivers had been peremptorily pushed aside by the squadron of SPI outriders. (Yes those guys whose buddies were receiving $200 a day to serve as body guards to David Murcia before he was jailed in Colombia on money laundering charges).

Dark glass in the giant SUVs prevented me from identifying the local big shots, who post May 3, may find themselves playing lesser roles, and having to sit with the rest of us waiting for the road to clear, and no longer able to pass through traffic signals on red.

Which set me to wonder why the dark glass? In the UK for example real royals are clearly seen as they head to and from Buckingham Palace, giving all the opportunity to wave, and perhaps receive a gracious acknowledgement. In some European countries royals can be seen pedaling bicycles around the city.

But in the current environment in Panama the dark glass hiding the occupants might be fear of a well aimed ripe tomato or rotten egg to smear the pristine paint work. But when the new law prohibiting ultra dark glass kicks in, will the top brass conform? Not if they follow the same “royal prerogatives” that govern their conduct at traffic lights.

GREEN SPOTS. Work on the greening of Cinta Costera is proceeding apace, at least at the Paitilla end where residents fronting the development will be able to gaze down at newly constructed parkland.

The parkland ends some distance from the Miramar Hotel, and is replaced by a giant concrete parking lot. Below is an underground parking lot, built by the Bern organization. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the top had been made into a park, as has been done in the interests of the citizenry in Paris and other capitals, where sometimes concern for the populace overrides influence in the corridors of power.

On the other side of the Miramar, out of view of Paitilla, there are basketball courts, great sites for major competitions as well (we hope) for the use of those indigenous people who practice daily in Parque Urraca.

OBAMAMANIA. A hint to the new wave of PR flacks who will be warming cosy seats in the new administration. President Barack Obama loves to take aim at those baskets. Maybe he could combine a trip to personally deliver the message of the death of the Panama-US free trade deal, with a photo-op with our New President.

DREAM WORLD. While they are at it, the new leader can point to the construction works succeeding the Cinta Costera, the building of the islands off Punta Pacifica. My after-dinner sounding board group wonders who would want to live on an island that has to be reached via the traffic hell of Punta Pacifica unless, a new exclusive causeway is built to reach the walled fortresses.

The walls will have to be very high if the latest rising ocean level forecasts come true in the next few years. It won’t require a tsunami to flood the area and create a new lost city. A passing speed boat’s wake may do the trick.

SO WHAT? That’s an expression that always grates; either a cynic’s response to almost anything from corruption to infidelity, or the answer of a high school drop out, unable to verbalize a viable response.

My mail today contained a “so what” to the stories about Mayoral candidate Bosco Valladares. “He made a mistake, so what” read the message. During his early responses to the accusations that he was breaking the law, Bosco was guilty of what Winston Churchill called “terminalogical inexactitude.” So what?

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